Our PowerApps Development Services. Strategic planning and consultancy service. PoC & Custom business apps development. App designing, modern UI and UX. Canvas Apps, Azure function or embedded apps. Integrations with SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Salesforce and other platforms. Common data management services. BI capabilities and analytics. Support ...
Jul 25, 2017 · Sign in to PowerApps Studio and create a new app. Under Start with your data, click on Phone layout on the SharePoint tile. Under Connect to a SharePoint site, type or paste the URL to the site that contains the list that you want to use, and then click on Go. Under Choose a list, click on the name of the list that you want to use.

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Jan 24, 2018 · A Gallery is PowerApps’ word for connections to external sources, whether it be SQL, SharePoint, Twitter, etc. Like everything else in PowerApps, the screen is completely customizable via drag-and-drop or Excel-like formulas. Real-World Example. In this scenario, we’ll be using two lists: one for projects and one for expenses.
Microsoft Powerapps is a low/no code, rapid application development platform that provides the tools to build applications in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional application development. Power Apps is one component of the Microsoft Power Platform, a collection of tools that can be leverages to create entire solutions.

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PowerApps is the business application creation side. Think of it as a new member of the Office Family. It's not a Visual Studio thing. Apps made with PowerApps are sharable with in your organization as easy as sharing documents and they run on Windows, Android, and iOS. A business user could build a new workflow app and share it with everyone.

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1/ In PowerApps an Input Task item is created and saved. ... 4/ another button kicks off another ForAll that will create an item for each table row/record in the third data connection, which is the actual task list. ... Have you tried using Planner at all. A planner Instance with each Store as a Bucket. Create a new Task for each Bucket using Flow.
PowerApps Training by Mindmajix will teach you all the basics and help you in creating a wide range of apps without the use of code. In the period of the course, you will acquire knowledge on connecting to services similar to Excel, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Sharepoint, to automatically build apps or utilize common data service to capture new data.

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There is no built-in connector for Microsoft Planner in Power BI, an idea about this issue has been submitted in this link, please vote it up. As a workaround for this issue, you can use Microsoft Flow to propagate your Planner information to other data source such as SharePoint, then use Power BI to create report by connecting to the data source.

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